Chili Lime Chicken Recipe

“Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel Today Iu2019m sharing with you how to make Chili Lime Chicken. Itu2019s a perfect mix of spicy chili mixed with zesty lime. You can cook these on the bbq outside, or on a stove top inside, so if you would like to learn how to make them then letu2019s get started. Weu2019re going to start by making a marinade for the chicken. Itu2019s best to do this the morning before you need it or the night before to give the chicken as much time as possible to soak up the flavours. If you are pushed on time leave it for a minimum of two hours before cooking the chicken. To make the marinade start by zesting two limes. We want about 2-3 teaspoons of lime zest to make enough marinade for 6 chicken thighs, a couple of medium sized limes should be enough for this. Scoop up the lime zest with a knife and place it into a bowl large enough to accommodate the chicken thighs. After zesting roll the limes on the cutting board to release as much of the juices as possible and slice in half using a sharp knife.

Juice the limes into the bowl with the lime zest making sure to not let any pips drop in. If you would like the recipe for this chili lime chicken it will be listed in the information box as well as a printable version on my website so just click the link on the screen now. To add some heat and also some colour to the marinade Iu2019m using two red chilis. I like this chicken quite spices so Iu2019m dicing the red peppers up finely without removing any of the seeds, but if you do like a more mild flavour either us one chilis or remove the seeds more dicing. The chili flavour doesnu2019t tend to be to overpowering in the recipe as the acid from the lime zest and juice cuts through it really well. Run your knife through the red pepper a few times so itu2019s very finely chopped before adding it to the marinade bowl. Like most recipes weu2019re also going to need a clove of garlic.

Just crush it with the back of your knife to remove the peel and mince it finely or just place it into a garlic crusher. What I love most about this chicken is itu2019s freshness of taste that comes from the lime, but also the bunch of coriander or cilantro that Iu2019m about to add. Just rip off a handful and bunch it up as much as possible before running a sharp knife through it a few times to slice it finely. Try not to skip out on adding herbs to recipes as it is what gives them such great flavour. Add the chopped herbs to the marinade. Next is a few tablespoons of a mild tasting oil, such as vegetable oil or canola. Oil in marinades work well because it absorbs up a lot of flavour in the marinade and coats the meat during cooking for a more intense flavour.

At the moment this marinade has a whole lot of flavour but we want to add a small amount of sweetness to balance it out. You can do this with honey or sugar. You just need about a teaspoons worth. Add it to the marinade along with some salt and mix together until well combined. For the chicken I am using boneless chicken thighs with the skin on. I prefer chicken thighs because they have a lot more flavour and are a lot more tender but if you would like you can use chicken breast, or this marinade would even work perfectly with another type of meat. Rinse the chicken thighs and pat dry with some kitchen paper. Using tongs add the chicken to the bowl with the marinade and give them a good stir until all the chicken pieces are evenly coated in marinade. Cover with plastic wrap and place into the fridge, preferably for about 8 hours or if you donu2019t have too much time a few hours will do. When you are ready to cook the chicken remove it from the fridge to come up to room temperature.

When cooking meat always bring it up to room temperature before cooking it to get the best results. Heat a griddle pan over medium-high heat and place the chicken in the pan, skin side down. You donu2019t need any oil here as we added oil to the marinade. Alternatively you can cook this chicken on the bbq outside or in the oven under the grill. Turn the chicken after about 4 minutes, it should have a deep golden brown colour, cook on the other side for another 4-5 minutes or until cooked through.

Serve by sprinkling over more chopped coriander or cilantro and with a squeeze of lime juice. This marinade is the perfect way to spice up chicken, it has an amazing spicy but fresh flavour. Let me know if you give it a go, I would love to see a picture. If you would like to see more dinner recipes take a look at this Roasted Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce or this thai beef salad. For other recipes make sure to take a look at my channel and subscribe for new videos every Sunday. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I will see you in my next video. Bye. ”