Expert Tips on Cooking Steak : Ingredients for Making a Marinade for Steak

“Hello! This is Chef Sean Roe on behalf of As we move towards the cooking aspect of this segment, I would like to review marinades. A marinade is a liquid which is comprised in part by acid, part by oil and a flavoring of herbs and any other aromatic you might desire to use. Use these 1 to 3 part; 1 part acid to 2 parts oil, somewhat like a vinaigrette. Different marinades you can use of course for acids are wines and other alcohols. You can use vinegars, citrus juices work very nicely and even tomato products as tomato has a high acid content. We take those and combine them with them oil which allows fat to stay on to the protein for the meat and keep it moist and tender. When we do that we also add our flavorings.